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Our valuation and forecasting algorithms reveal the current values of residential real estate in Thailand and will predict future price trends
The technology behind our industry-leading accuracy

FazWaz automated valuation models (AVMs) are built by a team of data scientists and backed by advanced machine learning and a robust range of data sources. The FazWaz property platform has the most up-to-date inventory and data-sets in Thailand. Our company is pioneering the digital valuation of real estate in Thailand and FazWaz conducts monthly internal tests and regular tests with financial institutions and lenders, to make sure our products consistently meet the high standards our clients expect.

How close can we get to the sales price?

Median absolute percentage error (MdAPE) is a standard measure of a valuation model’s average deviation from observed property transaction values — the lower that number is, the better. Our MdAPE is always improving as we fine-tune our valuation models.

Curious about how accurate our AVM estimates the sales price in your region? Check the table below to see how we measure up in the areas and for the property types that matter to you.

FazWaz AVM准确度

  • 房屋
  • 排屋
  • 公寓
  • 顶楼公寓
省份 中间误差单位为% 中间误差量 Scoring Sample Size
Bangkok 43% ¥104,000 21
Chiang Mai 25% ¥34,000 113
Phuket 5% ¥33,600 197
Hua Hin 54% ¥42,900 114
Koh Samui 45% ¥74,200 67
Pattaya 30% ¥33,600 93
省份 中间误差单位为% 中间误差量 Scoring Sample Size
Bangkok 5% ¥28,000 19
Chiang Mai 1% ¥6,040 18
Phuket 2% ¥10,100 12
Hua Hin 167% ¥26,300 3
Koh Samui 9% ¥20,000 5
Pattaya 63% ¥39,900 5
省份 中间误差单位为% 中间误差量 Scoring Sample Size
Bangkok 3% ¥7,870 2102
Chiang Mai 2% ¥9,570 169
Phuket 1% ¥2,510 875
Hua Hin 13% ¥9,980 72
Koh Samui 4% ¥9,720 39
Pattaya 3% ¥2,900 1209
省份 中间误差单位为% 中间误差量 Scoring Sample Size
Phuket 9% ¥43,800 5
Pattaya 3% ¥1,450 10
最新更新: 四月 2024

Instant home-value estimates

Our industry-leading dataset comes alive in the instant valuation tool that estimates the market value of a property in seconds. It estimates the market value based on publicly available and FazWaz generated transaction data, taking into account property details, location and current market conditions.

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Price suggestion when listing a home on FazWaz

To give homeowners the most accurate valuation, we ask them a set of questions when they list their home on FazWaz – It takes less than 5 minutes and is more than twice as likely to be within 5% of the home's selling price as other online home-value estimators.

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